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About the IWRM Survey


The survey contains approximately 30 questions, divided into four sections, each covering a key dimension of IWRM:

1. Enabling environment: Policies, laws and plans to support IWRM implementation.

2. Institutions and participation: The range and roles of political, social, economic and administrative institutions and other stakeholder groups that help to support implementation.

3. Management instruments: The tools and activities that enable decision-makers and users to make rational and informed choices between alternative actions.

4. Financing: Budgeting and financing made available and used for water resources development and management (apart from drinking water supply and sanitation) from various sources.

Each section has two sub-sections covering the “National” and “Other” levels, to address the target 6.5 wording “… at all levels.” “Other” levels include sub-national, basin, local and transboundary. Questions relate to these levels depending on their relevance to the particular aspect of IWRM. For most “other level” questions, the score should reflect the situation in most of the basins/aquifers/jurisdictions, unless specified otherwise. For the transboundary level questions, the score should reflect the situation in most of the ‘most important’ transboundary basins / aquifers.