The Toolkit for capacity development (Reference Document No. 6) serves to support implementation of the European Commission’s strategy for reform of technical cooperation and project implementation units, which form part of the EC’s commitment to implement the Paris Declaration on Aid Effectiveness and the Accra Agenda for Action. This document has been developed under the coordination of the Unit for Quality of Delivery Systems with the support of the ‘Aid delivery method’ programme.

The approach and the tools have been designed to increase demand-orientation and effectiveness of capacity development support, including technical cooperation (TC). They are regularly used in training and workshops. They also provide guidance for assessing capacity and help partners to develop strategies and programmes for capacity development, particularly at sector level. They are thus complementary to the Guidelines on making technical cooperation more effective published by EuropeAid in March 2009 and to the Reference Document on Institutional assessment and capacity development (EuropeAid 2005).

The development of the tools started in 2006, following the publication of the EC’s reference document Institutional assessment and capacity development. The development of the tools has been a joint process between the European Commission (EuropeAid) and the Asian Development Bank. Drafts have in addition been presented in workshops for staff from around 15 bilateral and multilateral agencies, held in Brussels (December 2007) and Washington DC (March 2008). Individual tools have been field tested in the sector.

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