This handbook has been compiled by Well Made Strategy which has long experience of developing impactful strategic communications across a range of sectors - from security to financial inclusion, education, agriculture, health and governance. WMS helps individuals, organisations and networks harness the power of strategic communications to influence policy change, prepare for and anticipate crises, inform the national discourse, build will for social reform and nudge entire communities towards new ways of thinking and behaviours. We have developed this handbook to serve as a guide to strategic communications for those interested in using strategic communications but who may not have an in-depth understanding of the concept. The handbook is a resource on the basic concepts and processes of strategic communications. There is a great deal of jargon associated with the field. Here, we have kept things simple, using day-to-day language. We also introduce the jargon [in square brackets] and explain it. There are six modules in this handbook that can be used individually or together. You will get the most of out of the handbook if you follow each of the six modules systematically. In addition to the worksheets, we have also designed a separate workbook which allows you to work with each module/lesson to help you to develop your own strategic communications. 

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