This Strategy is aimed at facilitating effective communication on climate change information at all levels in order to enhance management of climate change impacts and explore associated opportunities. It serves as a tool to facilitate the implementation of the 2012 National Climate Change Strategy. The Strategy seeks in particular to: 1) raise the level of awareness of the community at all levels on the opportunities and threats brought by climate change, 2) enhance the capacity of the community for designing and taking appropriate measures on climate change adaptation, 3) enable the community to benefit in climate change mitigation in the context of sustainable development, 4) enable the community share best practices and lessons learned from adaptation and mitigation to climate change, 5) better coordinate the various information flows and information networks amongst the various stakeholders to better address adaptation needs and participate in mitigation opportunities for the benefit of the country, 6) forge well informed partnerships and networks to ensure a win-win situation amongst the private sector, academia, research institutions, government organs and other actors within and outside the country, and 7) equip Tanzanians and other climate change actors and decision-makers engaged at the technical and policy level with timely and relevant information they can use in making informed decisions and choice.

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